Two weeks ago, I was given the chance to look Tony Bellew right in the eye and tell him how it is. All that separated us was our host Johnny Nelson and a table, you can see it on ‘The Gloves Are Off’ on Sky Sports 1 tonight at 11:00pm.

For me, it went well. I stayed controlled and relaxed but Bellew was his typical self; ignorant, loud, mouthy and rude. Bellew’s behavior was expected but I was ready for it, I’m used to it by now. He’s angry he can’t get to me and it’s showing, that’s why he walked off the Sky Sports studio set early.

A few people have suggested that I’ve been trying to gradually wind him up but listen, I’m not in to mind games. I focus more on fighting because that’s what actually wins fights. I didn’t try to wind Bellew up but naturally, I do that to him and it’s quite easily done. I speak facts and the truth, whereas he selects what suits him.

With these situations, you can definitely overthink things and read too much in to it – I think that’s what he does. It’s simple though, the bottom line is he wants to hurt me because he hates me and I want to shut him up once and for all, silence him forever. I dislike him as a person, he is a bully and would be in any walk of life but he won’t do it to me.

The head-to-heads and eyeballing, deep down they don’t mean much to me but they mean a lot to him. Bellew makes a lot of effort in trying to trip me up in these situation, you can see he constantly tries to get one up on me and frustrates himself. But I keep things simple, so he psyches himself out. Bellew spends a lot of time trying to talk down my achievements, even though he has only ever won vacant titles himself. It all just shows how bitter Tony is.

Bellew and his team think that they only have to land once to win and they’re not bluffing, that’s what they believe. They’re underestimating me if they think he can take me out but I’m glad they’re thinking like that. I’ve got other ideas and enough tools to put him in his place. Ten days to go…

– Nathan Cleverly.

#CleverlyBellew2 will take place at Liverpool’s Echo Arena on Saturday 22nd November, live on Sky Sports Box Office (Channel 731) and Sky Sports HD Box Office (Channel 752). The event broadcast will start at 6:00pm and there are repeat viewings on Sunday 23rd November at 9:00am and 4:00pm. Up until Midnight on Friday 21st November, the event is priced at £16.95/€21.95 across all forms of booking.

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